Fingerprint stamp

Fingerprint and palm print / Self Portrait
Fingerprint stamp, Palm stamp, Inkjet printing
210 x 297 mm (2 pieces)

Around the spring of 2000, I had an incident where I had to be finger/palm printed by the police. I was not convinced why I had to be finger/ palm printed, but a number of policemen surrounded me and urged me to follow the instruction. Interestingly, they repeatedly told me they felt sorry for my going through the trouble.

As a result, my finger/palm prints is now being officially filed at the police database. If any of the audience makes an inquiry to the police department with this artwork, they should be able to authenticate it as genuine finger/palm prints of mine (having said that, I am not sure the police would take you seriously). On a different note, some of my art works have my fingerprints (so to speak my signature) as a proof of my work.


Fingerprint stamp