Prototype for Standard Stoppages
49 seconds

参照:  http://vimeo.com/18998570 >

This video work refers to two works; one is Marcel Duchamp's 'Assemblage: 3 Standard Stoppage's' and the other an animation I found on the web. In that animation, a person copied a straight line, and the following person copied the line just by looking at what the last person drew. After it was repeated 500 times, all the lines were connected and the experiment ended as people saw what kind of line was formed.

I followed what Duchamp did in 'Assemblage: 3 Standard Stoppages.' I dropped one-meter string from a meter above the ground, repeated this 600 times, took the pictures and connected them. No two stirngs looked the same by chance, and there appeared a prototype of measuring the time-space of different dimensions from 'this very moment'.