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Minna no Uta (Songs for Everyone)
Futaba Kita primary school school song / Kimigayo

Video Installation
17.26 min.

I used the video data provided by Mr. Yuji Onuma, who came up with the slogan “ATOMOC POWER IS THE ENERGY OF THE BRIGHT FUTURE” and the video of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021.
In Mr. Onuma’s videos, there is a scene where he visits his old alma mater, which had been turned into a stockyard after the earthquake, and sings the school song. I contrasted it with Kimigayo, which the Japanese singer sang at the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.

「原子力 明るい未来の エネルギー」の標語を考案した大沼勇治氏から提供された映像データと、2021年に開催された東京オリンピック開会式の映像を使用した。