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Project for Community Renovation/Kogane-cho

Day laborer, Security camera, others
Dimensions Variable

There is a history which prospered as a town of trading rings such as methamphetamine and a drug or a special restaurant district as called blue line zone, in Kogane-cho. The restaurant was called “Chon-no-ma” and prostitution was performed illegally. From January, 2005, in order to attain the environmental clean-up of a town, the intensive disclosure by the police named “good-bye strategy” started. Then, in order to develop city planning continuously and synthetically, the non-profit organization Kogane-cho area management center was founded.

In the Puffy passage which is the main street where many “Chon-no-ma” was located, there is a signboard written to be “Everybody’s cooperation will aim at bright town planning” in an entrance. I scouted for a day laborer and made him live in the exhibition room in the studio along that street in Kogane-cho. Since I had given laborer a certain amount of freedom, he went out depending on the day and guest couldn’t see him. Moreover, Installed a security camera and monitored the situation in an exhibition room, in another room.


「ちょんの間」のメインストリートだったパフィー通り入口には「めざそう みんなの協力で明るい街をづくりを。」と書かれた看板がある。その通り沿いの展示室内にスカウトした日雇労働者を居住させた。労働者にはある程度の自由を与えていたので、日によっては不在の為にその姿を観ることが出来ないこともあった。 またセキュリティカメラを設置し、展示室内の様子を別室でモニタリング出来るようにした。



Security camera|セキュリティカメラ

Conversation with Chiba, whom I met in the early days of scouting|スカウトの初期に出会ったチバさんとの会話