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My artwork explores the whole concept of human expression in public.

The concept of ‘do’s and don’ts’ in public, or social protocols, is formulated on political and economical social systems. It guarantees comfort and safety to the people; in exchange, they are asked to acknowledge the unspoken don’ts in public as common sense. This is done in such a tactful way that human existence is often regulated without his knowledge. The more institutionalized the communal space gets, the more characterless and uniformed it becomes. As a result, the act of individual expression is judged and discarded as a reckless nuisance. The process of evolution and formation of the protocols is eventually forgotten, and the protocols are accepted as givens without even being questioned.

By intervening on institutionalized protocols, I investigates the possibility of creative action in public. By rearranging the social syntax, I create a sense of incongruity like a bug in the open, and therefore provide an opportunity to reexamine the institutionalized protocols.

I don’t complete the art work as a stand-alone existence, but regard as the hub in which people and things form a network through it. The hub changes the appearance variously by installing into the existing society. The hub creeps in day-life in the modern society which has grown by cutting the world with a measurable measure, like the unfathomable bug which it separated from the standard. Moreover, using the existing material, temporary experience is urged. Materials are collected for a fixed period, and if a project finishes, they will be returned to the original place, or they are diverted to some other purpose for the next project. Even if it is the material shown as some works completed once, after reconstruction, it uses as a thing with another meaning. The art work repeats demolition and construction and forms the network of metabolism.

The basic idea of Western science is to quantify “the balance” between all things in the world, is to improve the outlook of the world. It aims at treating as what can evaluate all the worlds and making personal appearance convenient more efficiently by measuring. There is our present day-life as a result of accumulation of measurement, and the world became much more familiar and easier to understand than before. However, if all of the world can be measured, like the tale “Utopia” which Thomas More wrote, the world will become the closed itself, there will already be no necessity for development, and it will lose the power to create.
For Western culture, since the world was therefore created by God which is an eternal existence, in order to understand the real intention of the God, it needed to measure all the worlds. Then, trimming of the world was carried out so that it might be easy to understand themselves with them measure. However, the world actually loses the imagination from the moment of all measuring. There is a ground just in the place which cannot be measured with the imagination. And there is a word “transitory” as Japanese showing it. It not only expresses negative nuance for “transiency”, catches as language which feels the phenomenon which is not a usual state. It has not denied measuring. I think about “something” which occurs beyond the day-life materialized by measuring it with “transiency”, And, I position own art as equipment showing it.

The society is the compound frame which consists by adapting itself to the mechanism prescribed by plural elements such as culture, the system, the nation or etc. I regard various elements in the frame as a layer of the multilayer, and I think that the art work is the act that exchange the combination of the layer or add a new layer. The frame notices it for the first time by standing in the fringes never considered when standing on the inside. My art work stands on the fringe and shows a new rule for the frame. The new rule does a relativization of an existing rule, and it is an opportunity to question the meaning.
I can compare my art work to the OS (operating system) of the computer and can compare myself to the programmer who assembles that OS. And I cause sense of incongruity in everyday scenery by installing a new rule (OS) in existing society. The spectator becomes a user and appreciates an art work and can participate. The spectator participates in my work by each understanding degree. And I intend finally is groundless of the rule by doing a relativization of an existing rule.

I think, the Art works, when by the fact that the point of view which just is different from largest pledge every day a little is presented, it is the device of fiction in order to make the heterogeneous world surface.