My work is chiefly produced with a digital tool. I describe a figure in digital and output it with a printer. I can output copies innumerably if I intend to do it, in addition I don’t know whether there is a meaning, but can copy the same data. Because it can copy the totally same data on the digital, there is not specially value to be “an original”.
The “art work” is guaranteed that depends on a signature which is realistic and physical. Material before becoming the art work has only a role of the same extent as the pigment of the painting work.
However, it doesn’t completed that puts together the art work, it is disintegrated to a material unit as the review object of a new work and an update object of the expression again. Likewise, art work at the junction of reality and electronic is continue being always dismantled as material for the next art work.
In that sense, it will be able to be thought that the art work is not finish when completing it but consecutive exercise of the dismantling and the rebuilding. I wish that the material which I released will continues being updated by parson.Well, speaking simply, I open to the public the material of my works which I made in the past. The material opened to the public depends on the creative Commons license and permits the use. I would like you to confirm it from a lower banner in detail.